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July 12, 2016 home Xuan products / baking raw materials Xiamen tour show will be a complete success

In July 12th 2 p.m. our rich (dawn) and Belgium Baked Food Co. Ltd. in Kempinski Hotel Xiamen Yuanchang jointly organized "the 2016 imdu products and rich baking baking ingredients Xiamen tour".

This demonstration will we are very honored to be invited to the dawn of the company's Regional Manager Asia Pacific CJ and the special Western pastry master Scott. Scott has nearly 20 years of baking career, he served as executive chef at the Kokusai Hotel in the West Bakery, and now he worked at dawn, served as technical services consultant in the Asia Pacific region.-澳门威尼斯手机版




In the process of demonstration of the master, distinguished guests to ask questions, not only active in the field, but also accumulated industry experience.

In the demonstration process, to master guests on-site demonstration of the process of making the West point:

Italian coffee chocolate cake,

Apple and walnut cream cake,

All kinds of chiffon (green tea, lemon, red velvet cake, carrot cake, chocolate),


Mango and coconut, blueberry cheese, strawberry chocolate.


The last guests also enjoy the American soft cookies, biscuit and other desserts.

The demonstration will end at 5 pm, and the works of the masters will be highly


The next session will give us what kind of surprise? Let's wait and see!