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2016 Tulip’s demonstration in China

Recently, Ukraine pastry master Dinara Kasko began her tour show in China-威尼斯 with her creative cakes.On November 22/25, the first station was in xiamen ,which is a beautiful coastal city and the second is  capital city Beijing.

      She made a special trip to Jiaxuan food for the preparatory work before the demo, and communicated with Jiaxuan’s staff for technical exchanges.For the demonstration she has carried on the depth of cooperation with world famous chocolate brand Tulip chocolate, brought-威尼斯游戏手机版 six chic modelling art of cake.


With the theme of cakes and chocolate demonstration of high-profile from preparation stage,attracting the guests from all over the country and even overseas.For this demo,not only invited Indonesia chocolate master organization chairman Louis, Asia chocolate master skills contest champion Pipit to strive for, but also invited to Ukraine pastry master Dinara Kasko, to show us her 3D printing technology combined with baking cakes.  最平安的威尼斯

During the d-7456.comemonstration, Jiaxuan’s technology consultant Alex acts as the role of translation and assist, translated the production process of the grand masters in detail to the audience, at the same time actively reply to the audience’s questions-最平安的威尼斯 in real time.





Guests were satisfied with the tasty after demo.Near the end,the guests took the photo with the Dinara,Louis and Pipit, they were looking forward to next year’s demonstration.


Audience queue up, taking the group photo...